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There are a few famous Shanghai snacks streets. For local Shanghai native or new visitors, they will go to the snack street looking for local-flavored food. Shanghai is the epicentre of China's street food culture. In the heart of the Yangtze River Delta, it's where merchants and migrants have. Shanghai is a magnificent, pulsing magnet for migrants from all over China, and that diversity has made it the country's street food epicenter.

Tired of xiaolongbao and shengjianbao? We feel you. Time Out Shanghai goes off-the-eaten track to find the ten best street food eats. The Pick of Shanghai's Street Food introduces seven most famous and popular street food in Shanghai, including Cōng yóu shao bing, and Shou zhuo bing. Shanghai street food is delicious. Sample these Chinese delights: ci fan (rice balls), guo tie (pot stickers), pork mooncakes and more.

6 best food streets in Shanghai win high popularity among tourists and local people clustered with western and Chinese restaurants. They are Wujiang Road, . You don't need to go to a fancy restaurant for quality grub in Shanghai — the city's street food is guaranteed to make any visitor salivate. Read our guide to the best street food in Shanghai, and savour traditional refreshments at the city's food stalls. Street food in Shanghai maybe harder to find these days but it is always delicious , but these 10 must try foods will have you wanting more. Shanghai's once great food streets are being closed down one by one, leaving the fate of the city's street food hanging in the balance.

Shanghai, China, once known as the Paris of the East is still a stunning sight as a cosmopolitan metropolis. With many futuristic skyscrapers. Shanghai Street Food Tours: Check out Viator's reviews and photos of Shanghai tours. Our guide to the best Shanghai street food looks at some of the top snacks to try in the city and the best places where you can eat them. One of our plan is to explore shanghai food night market. I've read some like: Chenghuangmiao Old Street Wujiang Road Food Street Qi Bao.

This is the kind of place where you need to have the right cultural mindset/ expectations before coming most of the food stores here started out as street. Hey guys, I'll be in Shanghai for work for 2 weeks in May, and I keep hearing horror stories about the food in Shanghai. I currently live in. So needless to say, I arrived in Shanghai ready to eat! It was a bit disheartening though when I found out many food streets in this city had been.