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Jimmy Doherty visits a chocolate factory to discover how they make chocolate so shiny. First broadcast: 8 February Classroom Ideas. Could be used to. Nel gets a sneak peak around a chocolate factory to see how the sweet stuff is made and how much it's changed over the past years. This delectable episode traces our love affair with chocolate back to York.

Jun 16, The story of Mott Green, Grenadian cocoa farmer, who tried to change an industry with a radical idea about where chocolate could be made. May 5, Cherry Healey visits a chocolate factory to find out how they make Easter eggs hollow. Chocolate. A celebration of chocolate from the Radio 4 Archive A brief history of chocolate and the properties that make it an unlikely health food.

Nov 5, Jay Rayner, Dr Zoe Laughlin and Rachel McCormack talk about how to make the best hot chocolate. First broadcast on The Kitchen Cabinet. Apr 19, Richard Osman: "American chocolate is made from vomit!" The voice of teatime First broadcast on The Unbelievable Truth, 17 April Oct 30, Chocolate has been a delicacy for much longer than previously thought. Botanical evidence shows the plant from which chocolate is made was. The chocolate biscuit and the mobile phones helping to end the isolation of North Koreans. Plus more correspondents' stories from Burkina Faso, Mexico. In the UK we eat around three bars of chocolate a week each. Raw cocoa prices have risen dramatically, but Tom Heap finds that higher prices could bring.

Oct 15, A Gloucestershire couple who turned their garage into a chocolate factory are chocolate directly from cocoa beans after listening to a BBC Radio 4 programme. Their chocolate, made from scratch in the kitchen and garage. Interview with George Smith, Assistant Director of Autism Initiatives. Duration: See all clips from BBC NI Broadcast Appeals (). Feb 7, Giles had his own firm of solicitors before retiring and Fiona, who already made chocolates for her friends and family, set up a tasty little. We've made some important changes to our Privacy and Cookies Policy and we want you to know what this means for you and your data. OK; Find out what's.

Gregg Wallace learns that we are all eating chocolate digestives the wrong way up. Did you know these surprising facts about bread, chocolate and milk. But how do your kitchen essentials make it to the shops (and consquently, the. Apr 19, Claire Burnet, author and co-founder of Chococo, claims brownies are ridiculously easy to make, and shares her tips. We Brits eat more chocolate than any other nationality apart from the Swiss, Germans and Irish. In fact, one in six of us eats it every day. It's considered a comfort.